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Welcome to Ayurveda holistic centre at Market Green Yoga Studio and Clinic and Therapy Rooms, Victoria Cross, Cork.  All Ayurveda consultations and treatments are done by a qualified and well experienced practitioner from Bangalore, India. We offer 100% original Ayurveda treatments that are monitored throughout the duration of treatments to deliver the best results and meet your expectations to the highest standards. Relax and enjoy the authentic Ayurveda and holistic experience.

We are presenting another first to Ireland – Ayurveda, Naturopathy, Yoga and Meditation. Also, a range of our other alternative therapies – Remedial Therapy, Manipulative Therapy, Dry Needling etc.

Dr Anu Holistic Services Midleton Cork

Redefining Wellness

Why Holistic?

Health is not just being free of ‘a diagnosis’, but the appreciation of well-being of mind/body senses-deep consciousness which is the result of our day-to-day lifestyle choices.

We offer lifestyle science [Ayurveda] therapies to deeply relax, rejuvenate, detox and revive the mind-body complex.

Therapies Covered By Insurance

All Physical Therapies are covered by leading insurance companies and selected Ayurveda Therapies are covered by Glo health and Aviva.

Dr Anu Holistic Services Midleton Cork

Dr Anu Gopalaiah

Our Locations


Market Green Yoga Studio

Unit 4, Market Green shopping Centre, Midleton, Co. Cork



The Therapy Rooms

Victoria Cross, Cork
[T12 T1XC]

Web: www.therapyrooms.ie


Vanilla Brown Spa

Absolute Hotel, Limerick

Web: www.vanillabrowns.com

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Dr Anu Gopalaiah

Holistic Therapies & Yoga Classes


Ayurveda Wellness Consultation

Personal consultation involves pulse (imbalance of vata, pitha and kapha) -nail-tongue analysis, questionnaire re’ lifestyle, mind/body type evaluation and so on. An in-detail lifestyle analysis is done to recommend suitable food and nutrition plan, sample recipes for the purpose of detox regime, rejuvenation programmes and detox programmes will be recommended along with herbs and home remedies to help with detox and metabolism.  It helps with complementary care for a range of complaints by targeting their root cause, restores physical and emotional well-being while detoxifying and rejuvenating through natural, simple methods of lifestyle regime, food and nutrition, detox therapies, yoga & meditation. It offers therapeutic and complementary treatments delivered to everyone’s needs and expectation

Consultation can be chosen separately  €45


Individual treatments & Panchakarma Treatments of Authentic Ayurveda

Price: 55 mins €60, 90 minutes €80

Individually tailored to address the relevant issue] Panchakarma, a series of five healing actions, is a series of detoxifying, balancing and nourishing therapies performed over a series of 1-3 or more days. Known for its beneficial effects on overall health, wellness, healing, detoxing, and rejuvenating. Panchakarma is recommended to anyone as part of their seasonal or yearly health maintenance, to offer complementary care for many acute and chronic discomforts.   The following are some of the popular panchakarma programmes

Sukha Abhyanga:  A deep relaxing massage with soft pressure, suitable for gentle, delicate ones

Marma Abhyanga: invigorating reflex point massage including head and feet

Kalari Abhyanga: It is based on Indian martial arts, science and works on musculo skeletal system, pains, aches both acute and chronic with various methods of tissue massage, stretches, re aligning the joints

Indian Head Massage with  reflexology with foot reflexology: Good for deep relaxation


Chakra Therapy: Stimulating reflex work on all the meridians of the  body with relaxing chakra work to help with sleep and stress

Pregnancy Massage: Gentle, soothing, yet firming massage to suit the need of pregnancy to relax body, calves, lower back n feet

Ayurvedic Reflexology

A time tested and trusted therapy on reflex points and meridians on the feet. It helps to improve immune system, relax and soothe the nervous system, balance the hormones and induces a deep feeling of relaxation. It heals different systems in the body through reflex points

The following Ayurvedic reflexology is available for half an hour (€35) or for one-hour treatment:

Ayurvedic foot reflexology:  the ancient techniques of working on the meridians and reflex points on the foot and calves

Hand and arm reflexology

Face & Sinus reflexology

Full body reflexology

Udvartana n Ubtan : Detoxifying deep anti retention body exfoliation,  application n peeling of herbs


Sinus massage: Therapeutic massage n warm herbal pouches compressions on facial reflex points n meridians

Podikizhi: Massage followed by Anti-inflammatory herbal bag used for compressing inflamed muscles n joints

Kati/griva basti – Localised pooling of warm herblised oils for joint care n pains and aches

Ayurvedic facials

Radiant facial: exfoliation n cleansing to  nourish, clean, hydrate the skin n keep youthful status

Anti aging facial: Deep nourishing cleansing, firming masks n gentle exfoliation to revive the skin, firm the collagen, lift the facial skin.

Problem skin facial: A soothing ritual of gentle cleansing and soothing masks to cleanse and get rid of the toxins, acne, pigments, rosacea, hormonal changes on facial skin, etc.


Alternative Holistic Therapy

Manipulative therapy: hands on technique for deep tissue work and spinal stretches, stretches, facial release and fixing of various joints and muscles to address long term repeated stress injury and short-term acute injuries of musculoskeletal system. Includes analysis of posture and gait and drawing of treatment plan on problem area. Various methods of faradic, stretches, stimulation, dry needling is used. Spine is gently stretched.

Remedial Massage: therapeutic Massage to help with general well-being pains and aches

Holistic Physical  & Alternative Therapy: muscle energy techniques, deep tissue stimulation works are done to reduce inflammation and pain. Faradic can be applied at times

Dry needling: based on ancient Chinese medicine, the trigger points are stimulated to deliver the neuro-chemical transmitter to the target tissue to heal and reduce pain

Deep relaxing myofascial release work with gentle tissue work: highly recommended for those people who are sensitive to massage and who have difficulty with posture, stress-related pains and aches

Myofacial release therapy for adults and children: deep seated pains and aches due to chronic contractions of muscles, facia are deeply relaxed, smoothened, and unwind to release the tightness, pains and aches. The treatment comprises subtle, rhythmic mobile activity and induces deep restful sleep


Packages – SPA Days

Rasayana-Rejuvenation package 2 and 1/2 hours €150

  • Welcome drink
  • Short lifestyle consultation
  • Podikizhi – full body warm herbal compression [or a suitable alternative therapy] to soothe the muscles, reduce the inflammation
  • Abdominal massage, pichu application, chakra work
  • Ayurveda foot & head Reflexology
  • Complementary herbal tea


  • Shiro marma therapy n chakra work [relaxing work on head n neck]
  • Marma abhyanga with Chakra work  [deep relaxing work on body n chakra]

VEDIC ESSENCE SIGNATURE AYURVEDA RITUAL [subject to availability] 3 & 1/2 hours € 200

  • Chakra work with abhyanga
  • Shirodhara and Shiromardana [head, neck, occipital hold]
  • Ayurvedic Reflexology
  • Herbal eye treatment or ear ritual

NAVEENA [body renewal]: 2 hours €120

  • Marma abhyanga-full body hot oil compression
  • Chakra mardana- deep relaxing chakra work- all the 6 chakras covered
  • Ayurvedic foot reflexology
  • Shiro & Mukhabhyanga-ayurvedic face reflexology

Ayruvedic slimming mini package 1 and 1/2 hours €90

  • Ayurveda lifestyle consultation
  • Vigorous full body reflex body treatment n Ubtan treatment with herbs to break down the subcutaneous retention
  • Basti- colonics to remove the excess retention and toxins
  • Deep relaxation with breathing exercises

Stress management: 2 and ½ hours €150

Stress is a part of our life, and it can be good, if we can allow our perception of it to be positive. But often the build-up of factors like lack of physical and emotional rest, repetition of the stress pattern in body and mind can lead to being exhausted and burnt out. We offer invaluable services to help with tuning into the mind/body/spirit to allow individuals to find time and space to identify the stress and get to a place of deep relaxation and perform with utmost efficacy and ease on a day-to-day level.

Applicable therapies are:

  • Shirodhara
  • Chakra body treatment
  • Ayurvedic reflexology for total body to help with deep relaxation

Women’s well-being: 3 hours €160

Through the aging cycle, women’s health requires care with food, nutrition, rest and body work. We offer comprehensive care with tailor-made treatments to suit women from all age groups.

Applicable therapies are:

  • Udvartana-anti cellulite herbal application and therapy for the whole body
  • Foot reflexology
  • Kati Bast- oil pooling for lower back to soothe and relax lower back and pelvis
  • Panchakarma for Healing


The following are priced by individual treatments that are recommended during the consultation for long-term stress from various events and sources in life can leave the body and mind disturbed-interfering with quality of life.

Pain management: musculoskeletal pains are treated with combination of holistic Ayurveda along with physical therapy, manipulative therapy, myofascial release technique, cranio-sacral therapy, chakra therapy, dry needling, and faradics.

Complementary care for those who can’t have regular massage treatments- a series of myofascial release techniques and chakra work, Ayurvedic reflexology

General detox: Ayurveda marma abhyanga with basti

Detox for skin: Marma Abhyanga- full body with aloe and herbs of turmeric, triphala or suitable alternative

Detox for hair: hair treatment with suitable oil and herbal cleansers. Very beneficial for conditions of thinning, brittleness, itching, etc.

Detox to aid digestion, nutrition: long term build-up of small episodes of indigestion for various reasons from habit, intolerance etc. can be well treated with simple yet highly nutritious food, a regime, colonics, digestive teas, etc.

Detox to regularise bowel movements: colonics to help with constipation, retention enema to help with irregular bowel movements. A prior consultation to help with food, nutrition, digestion and absorption is helpful to learn the pattern of bowel movements and adjust the lifestyle

Detox to aid hormonal balance: hormonal imbalances cause a wide range of symptoms that could be simple and sometimes hard to manage. Ayurveda helps with understanding the root cause and effects of metabolisms with hormonal balance and helps with balancing them through retention enema, Ayurvedic reflexology and breathing exercises

Detox to aid sleep: Suitable treatments are a combination of Shirodhara, chakra work and reflexology

Detox to aid internal inflammation: recommendations on alkalising food, nutrition, seasonal gentle cleansings, and retention enema

Detox to aid respiration: alkalising food, cleansing herbs, Podikizhi, local pooling of oil on the lung area

Detox to aid sinus, cold: anti-inflammatory tea, sinus massage, podikizhi of face, neck and shoulders, localised instillation of oil for lubricating and detoxing the sinuses

Detox to aid menstruation: colonics and retention enema to help with regularising menstruation and reducing discomfort and tension. Abdominal massage, chakra work and Ayurvedic reflexology for abdomen, feet and palms

Detox to strengthen immune system: series of cleansing through food and regime, colonics and retention enema to help with successfully eliminating the toxins lodged in the body at different depth levels to help with recovery of immune strength.


Ayurvidec Panchakarma Therapies [including colonics] & Customised Therapies

Panchakarma, a series of five healing actions, is a series of detoxifying, balancing and nourishing therapies performed over a series of 1-3 or more days. Known for its beneficial effects on overall health, wellness, healing, detoxing, and rejuvenating effects.  Panchakarma is recommended to anyone as a part of their seasonal or yearly health maintenance, to offer complementary care for many acute and chronic discomforts.   The following are some of the popular panchakarma programmes [both preparatory and main treatments]:

Shirodhara: a deep healing and relaxing stream of oil poured on forehead when you relax on your back.


Podikizhi: an anti-inflammatory body massage using warm compressions with herbal bags. It helps with Chronic pain management-Pain indicates the build-up of acids, free radicals, p-substances in musculoskeletal system due to various reasons that affect metabolism, immune system, etc.

Ayurvedic Joint care: The following range of treatments address the issues of musculoskeletal system.


Local pooling of oil: for knee [janu basti]/lower back [kati basti] – This involves local pooling of warm oil on the affected knee and is left to absorb toxins and soothe pain. The area around the pooling of oil is worked with gentle tissue work. The oil is reheated and replaced periodically.

Pichu: local application of cotton pads dipped in herbal oils to relieve pain in target areas. This is helpful with blocked energy and circulation, spasms where normal massage treatment cannot be applied. The herbal oils and the marma technique penetrate in to the inflammation, nourish the affected tissue, and ease out the knots and inflammation. Heat and cold are used based on the acute/chronic stage of the problem. Useful in neck pain, joints, sinuses, foot complaints.

Ayurvedic Virechana therapy: Cleasing of upper and mid digestive system and whole body in general. Can be done for a day or two in the traditional moderately intense way or on a daily basis in the gentle way to help eliminate toxins

Ayurvedic Enema Therapy: Have two types

Niruha: These are colonics , meant for dislodging and excreting the toxins from all over the body at cellular level, along with detox regime of lifestyle. Cleanses the colon with herbalised infusion mixed with herblised oils, etc €110

Anuvasana/Matra Basti: It is the retention enema to treat with nourishing herbalised oils for colon and whole body €90.

Panchakarma Customised Therapies

Respiratory system: With the weather changes we often come across various complaints of cold, sinus, allergy, head-aches, repeated chest infections, inflammations that would need a lot of attention. We offer the following to assist with the same:

NASYA: sinus massage with oil and then with herbal bags, instilling herbal oils for sinuses, use of steam. This is useful in headaches, cold, sinus, allergic conditions.

Nasya nasal therapy Panchakarma customised-therapies


Podikizhi for chest: warm herbal compressions for chest-useful in all respiratory conditions. Best results are expected when followed with food and nutrition advice. The two treatments of local pooling of oil on abdomen [Udara basti] & Podikizhi are combined for best results.


Digestion problems: are significant compl

aints of lifestyle choices. They range from simple indigestion to lack of appetite, varied bowel movements, intolerance, indigestion, etc. that interfere with absorption of nutrition, energy levels, healthy digestion. We offer the following to treatments:

Consultation to recommend lifestyle choices of food and nutrition, relaxation

Abdominal massage with deep relaxing chakra work on abdomen to soothe, warm compression with herbal bags [or cold compressions]

Udara Basti or Pichu: Local pooling of oil or local soaking of oil in cotton pad on the abdomen

Weight management & anti cellulite treatment: a change in body weight is one of the common issues of a modern lifestyle. Our services offer lifestyle consultation with any of the following treatments:

Udvartana: deep body massage and then scrub,  with herbal powder and paste


Basti: to treat the colon to eliminate built in toxins to release the cellulite and help with reducing retention and weight. It comprises two stages of treatments of Colonic irrigation with herbal infusions and then a retention enema to ease and soothe the system and finishing with deep relaxing chakra balance work on feet, head, spine and abdomen.

Degenerative musculoskeletal issues: are well assisted with deep relaxing therapy to stimulate and ease pains and aches through meridian work and use of heat and/or cold packs

Hormonal balance: hormonal changes from teen-age to sixties bring several metabolism complaints ranging from acne, retention, peri menopausal, menstrual issues. We offer lifestyle consultation and deep chakra balancing therapy along with use of hot and cold packs to assist the effects of hormones on the body

Complementary therapies are available for various conditions of skin and hair upon enquiry.

YOGA Retreats

We at Vanilla Browns and Market Green Yoga studio are delighted to offer Yoga and meditation retreats, for specific seasons vegetarian & sattvic food, Yoga and meditation sessions to heal, revive n reboot mind, body & spirit. Please check our website for updated dates and times for the same!

Yoga classes– Our best Yoga classes of the season are offered  for beginners, all levels and pregnants. Drop in for €12, the class incudes plenty warm ups, stretches, poses in standing, sitting n lying down position followed by deep relaxation

 Dr Anu Yoga Therapies Cork

Yoga and Meditation Classes

Yoga Retreats

We at Market Green , are delighted to offer Yoga and meditation retreats,  specific for seasons and we provide packages of various duration.

Day Yoga Retreat: It is usually on a weekend, involves Welcome assembly and speech, Introduction to Yoga and then series of activities of relaxation, warm ups, stretches, doing the actual poses in various positions, periodic breaks for herbal drinks, food, deep relaxing sleep and meditation to complete the retreat

Weekend Yoga Retreat: It would involve stay with us for the weekend, vegetarian & sattvic food, Yoga and meditation sessions to heal, revive and reboot mind, body & spirit. Please check our website for updated dates and times for the same!

Yoga Classes

Our best Yoga classes of the season are offered on:

  • Monday 6 pm pregnancy class
  • Tuesday  beginners at 8 am, 9.30 am and 1 pm
  • Thursday at 6 pm [intermediate]
  • Thursday at 7.20 pm – yoga for healing, calmness, flexibly challenged individuals, for trauma €12, the class incudes plenty warm ups, stretches, poses in standing, sitting and lying down position followed by deep relaxation
8 weeks for €80

Ayurveda Courses-Midleton-Cork-and-Limerick

Ayurveda Courses and Franchise

Upcoming events: Ayurveda courses for Cooking, lifestyle, therapist for basic and advanced therapies.

Ayurveda Courses 

Ayurveda Day Courses of combination of Yoga, meditation & Ayurvedic Cooking- 10 am to 4 pm & 4 weeks courses

Ayurveda Nutrition Courses 1 day / 4weeks

Ayurveda lifestyle courses 1 day/ 4 weeks

Ayurveda cooking course 1 day/4 weeks

For prices and application please check our website

Ayurveda therapist course for 2 years and 3 years will be scheduled from next year.

Why Ayurveda?

Ayurveda is popular health spa concept which can generate significant amount of lifestyle awareness among public, and have a lot of avenues of generating lifestyle oriented therapies, retreats, classes, courses etc and we are delighted to offer them for franchise.

Ayurveda Franchise Opportunities

We are delighted to offer franchise for interested spas, clinics and retreats to take up our franchise for therapist training, product for retail and professional use

We offer competitive quality in treatments, result oriented therapies and world class services.

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