Pregnancy/Prenatal Yoga Classes

Pregnancy/Prenatal Yoga Classes

Pregnancy is a time of great change which transforms a woman’s life. This is a precious and magical time. During this time a woman’s body changes on a daily basis. All the various hormones that are necessary to ensure a healthy pregnancy can bring about shifts in energy and moods. It is one of the most rewarding and challenging experiences in a woman’s life. Yoga can really help a woman during pregnancy. It can help a woman feel relaxed and comfortable and fit as her pregnancy progresses. It will also build strength and stamina, flexibility and balance. Specific breathing techniques, postures, meditation and relaxation help a woman to feel comfortable in her body during this time. These breathing techniques also improve focus and concentration which can help ease labour and delivery. Yoga nidra relaxation at the end of each class provides a time to bond with the baby growing in the womb. Use of breath awareness, hand gestures, along with mantra (sound work) and deep relaxation can help a Mom- to- be to transition through this time of heightened emotional and mental experience. Pregnancy yoga can provide effective ways to process shifts in mood during this journey towards motherhood. The gentle stretches can help to reduce tiredness and tension in the body and improve overall circulation. Having been through pregnancy and labour 3 times Charlotte is aware of how very different each pregnancy and birth experience is. She used regular yoga practice during her pregnancies and labours and understands from first -hand experience how and when each of the asana/postures and breathing techniques can help bring about ease and comfort.

Pregnancy is a time when women are often especially in tune with the teachings of yoga, and so it is a great time to begin yoga, or deepen your existing practice by delving further in to the heart of yoga philosophy

Uma Dinsmore-Tuli

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