Teen yoga 12-14 years

Yoga has so much to offer for pre-teens but most importantly it is fun!
Teenage is a stage, that kids are bit confused between being a child and an adult.
Creative classes are designed to still stimulate their imagination, maintain flexibility and teach them to breath correctly.
It is a complete form of exercise both physicaly and mentally, that will show them how impotrant to be real and present.

Adult yoga

Yoga is a very personal practice and individual journey for everyone who steps onto the mat. Everyone has their reason. No matter what gets you on the mat, remember it is an uplifting practice. In my classes, I will give you a good foundation with introduction to basic yoga poses, breathing techniques and overall personal awareness. But you still will be challenged by some playful yoga flow, that promotes physical health and mental wellbeing.

Eva Green

Eva Green

Yoga Instructor

Hi, my name is Eva and I love yoga so much that it can be infectious or really annoying depending on where you’re sitting.
I’m trying to apply yoga principles everywhere, but I’m only a human so you will see me sometimes eating an ice cream too. I started my yoga practice many years ago with ups and downs, sometimes very serious, sometimes non for few months. And you know… it is really happening to all of us. Eventually, I realised that yoga is a great tool to make yourself happy and I do really mean that. Seeing things from different perspective can be an eye and heart opener (yes, I’m mad about inversions). After a big turn in my life I decided to take yoga teacher training with no particular intention to teach. But things evolved so much, that I actually can’t imagine my life now without sharing practice with others.
In 2013 I finished my 200 hour teacher trainig with Yoga Diploma in Cork, then took kids training course with Rainbow Kids Yoga in London in September same year. Having those two in a background I started to teach public yoga classes and I was just amazed how enjoiable it is. I’ve practiced many different styles of yoga (in general I think it’s all same old hatha yoga, just with different labels, that really doesn’t matter for all benefits you get from practicing) and I use them as inspiration, but really I just teach mix that feels good in the moment.
I’ve been teaching yoga for a while now, but still mixing up my lefts and rights at least once in every single class. If that bothers you, stay far far away. My goal is to make yoga challenging but accesible and to bring greater awareness to both body and mind in a safe and relaxed manner. I also try to keep yoga light hearted, which means you’ll hear some jokes sometimes and to not take yoga to serious.
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